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Aloha Everyone! Over the last 2 weeks, I did several flights in the LAX region as during most of production, I had no live. Until today, the last day of filming, the entire film was made of Non-Pro aircraft, but at the last scene, you will find the marvelous A350.

image 2 Weeks
image USA and Canada
image Solo and Expert


The best Photos will be uploaded to my new website, where all my screenshots will be archived.image ‎‎‎‎‎‎

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Thank you for reading my post! I appreciate honest feedback in the replies below, or an entry in the poll attached. Thank you for your feedback!

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Nice video! Watch out for the bank angle tho! Might get the passengers uneasy!!

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Was stuck with non-pro aircraft for most of it, so I couldn’t. Sorry!


Scenery is awesome, graphics are awesome, flow was awesome. It was also very creative. I like it

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Really like it, but if I had to critique something I would recommend more, and faster edits. Some of the slow parts of the song more drawn out shots are ok, but there were definitely times whare the pacing of the video, and music were very different. And if you try to cut more on beats in the music that makes it so, so much better, you actually did do that with a lot of your edits, but I suppose just more cuts, and if there all inline with the music is makes it feel super well paced…

I really like it though…


Thanks, school firewall, for immediately blocking this YouTube video…

Still giving it a 10/10 because @Starz made it.

Made by me

Thanks for the critique. For my next one, since I have a wider variety with Pro now, I’ll tune more of the beats properly! 😊

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Really nice movie! Some landing and tail strike issues in the second half of it, but otherwise well done! Thanks for sharing!

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And that’s why you would never want to fly with me as your pilot ;)

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No comment ;)

Very nice 👍

I think, with the feedback mentioned above, you will do great at making videos from here on out :)

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That title is so good

Great Movie!

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Really nice video! I like it!


Nice video same song as the last video but I like it so keep using it haha 😂

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I like it, but some scenes are just wayyyyy too long; like the first one.


This is really a nice movie. The cinematics and the graphic visuals were incredible. This can definitely inspire people to get into aviation 🛫

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Its a great video, Starz! However I think that it is a bit repetitive as it always shows aircraft taking off.

Great effort, keep it up mate.

There’s a reason for that - it’s so you pay attention at school 😉

They can’t stop me lmao I developed a whole VA during school hours

All I can say is wow this is awesome