Infinite Flight flops (Aircraft that FDS created that flopped)

What are some infinite flight aircraft that Did not live up to the hype or just plane suck (pun intended)
Heres my list

  1. The space shuttle
  2. C130 I thought this was going to be a hit like the 787
  3. A330-40
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A330-400? I don’t remember that ever being talked about.


i just think they suck (personal opinion)

Do you mean the A340-600 or the A330-300. Or both?

Just asking, why you are attempting to mock the devs. If you could do better start your own company. I actually have no issues with any of these aircraft.


I have to agree with this. You don’t come and share your thoughts on aircraft you think suck.


Lol two of those planes were early releases and really don’t have the greatest physics. The Devs know this so this list is basically pointless…


This is no where near productive.