Infinite Flight Flight Plans

This website shows great flight plans for Infinite Flight


This is a good one too

Mainly used for PC flight sims, but will work well with IF.

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That’s on is good however it doesnt let you put in the take off runway and the runway you want to land on

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For the website you suggested @Jonathan do you know if there is a way of getting it to direct you to a runway rather than to just the airport?

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I have an Idea to go with that tbh, cause atm our planes dont land themselves that as well as the flight plan directing you down to the runway should be a new feature that works along side the ILS

@Jake_Brimble No there isn’t a way to that. The website was designed to be used for PC flight sims where you enter the way points into in a CDU/FMC. The runway number to land at would depend upon environmental conditions and the airports local rules/permissions. The website will give you a plan for the journey, and when you get near, its then up to the airports ATC to guide you for the approach.
The longer the journey the more effective the plans will be.

ok cool, thanks @Jonathan, i’ll stick to my site :wink: