Infinite Flight - Flight Crew Operating Manual

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I was thinking that we could have a Flight Crew and Operating Manual (F-COM) just for Infinite Flight. We could then print the different pages. We won’t make an F-COM as complicated as the real ones but simply basic stuff: Vspeeds, how to use AP, flaps…etc. for each plane. There could be a small note at the end of the manual written by some members of this forum like:

Note: When we engage AP in the B777, the pitch angle tends to drop. To avoid that, fly manually the plane until 5000ft and engage AP (this is just an example, maybe not true)!.

What do you think? One simple reference manual for each type of plane!

That could also avoid opening new threads to always ask the same question.



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Good Idea would one of you like to make it lol

Great! :) I think the devs, if they have time, could make one and calculate the performance (V1 - Vr - V2 for each Weight, Temperature, Altitude, Thrust, Flaps Setting, THS…etc.)

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can i try to write some things about this as a pilot?

Sure Ivan, it would be a pleasure!

You are an expert on the 737 Fleet! I am sure you have the F-COM, QRH…etc. of it.

I also have the A330 and the 777 F-COM at home. I could maybe work on them.
Please contact me by Message, we could have a small chat together :)

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I wouldn’t mind helping out either

@AF330… What a fine idea! There’s a weath of non-proprietory Tutorials and years worth of knowledge within the community. This topic is golden! All it needs now is an Editor & Staff plus a guy like Mr.C who has the developers programming touch. Max Sends

thanx Roy
at this moment i practically going to sleep in a hotel, because in 5 hours i have to flying home to VKO from SVX,operational Flight PBD408,i will be a pilot flying.
but! when i will rest after flight,I’ll be back ( Not like a Terminator ) and will perform my promise,ok.?

No problem Ivan! :)
Have a nice flight back home!

How about a wiki page everyone can contribute to and build up quickly?

Bump! This would be really fun!

8 years later lol

I figured it was time.

I like this idea, but it’s already been implemented by the community somewhat.

We have @DeerCrusher to thank for a number of guides, but other users like @Cody_M have started to get involved as well.

If there’s something more you’d like to see, like checklists, standardized procedures, etc., it would be wonderful to see these be put together by the community. You have the power!

Also, it’s been 8 years with 0 votes.