Infinite Flight Flash Flight 13R queue video

As most in the community have seen, the line at KJFK as part of the flash flight to MCO on expert server was nuts.

Decided to get a video of what the line of 13R looked like

Notice at the end that someone got impatient and is probably enjoying an all-inclusive week long vacation to the training server


Oh wow, I guess the person at the end is enjoying his vacation ;)

Also that line is huge, how long did it take for you to take off?

the wait was probably at least 30 - 45 minutes to take off, still, there is a huge line

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It’s been 50 minutes since the event started and I’m still 15-20 mins away from take off.

Thats crazy, I flew to boston from new york and now am enroute to orlando. I had a feeling the wait would be long.

Crazy lineup indeed! Looked really cool from liveflight.

Just, look at this.

Meanwhile at Runway 13L

no congestion everybody is the happy


Thatʻs Ridiculous, Whatʻs your callsign

Mines OE9280

Mine is Show Me 0.

Never mind, IF disconnected after my hour long wait

you airborn yet?

wow, that sucks

happened to me once before

No, honestly I likely probably wouldn’t have had the patience to wait the whole time.

yeah, im scared for my approach into orlando

its going to be insanely busy

If you can see, at the beginning of the video, there was a Delta 739 (that cut me) with a CRJ-900 behind and an Alitalia A321 behind that aircraft. I was the Delta A321 right behind the 739 :(

nice, you in the air yet

Wish I could be there… I was ghosted yesterday while I was typing in IFC. 🤦🏻‍♂️😭😤

For over-speeding.

Sadly not, I am 2nd in line though!

hahahaha right now im trying to pass everyone that i can, because i took off from boston. im probably 150 nm from the first pack of people

I feel bad for the people still in line at JFK.