Infinite Flight Film | Beauty of Flight

By far one of the best cinematic that I have seen on the forum thus far. Excellent job and amazing work.

i was thinking about doing that but it was too late cuz i was 3/4 done with the video

thank you so much :D

yes, things should get fairly interesting once global comes out especially with the ideas that I have

Is it just me or was this all Boeing aircraft? Maybe a little more variety of aircraft next time showing off every single one. Other than that great video.

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i’m not all that good at flying boeing planes so i just stuck with boeing for the sake of landing and takeoff quality for the videos
but i will try my best to have a greater variety

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I love how you added that realistic touch to it, like the rudder on the aircraft while it was parked, but I feel like you should include more of a variety of aircraft next time, such as the Cessnas or military planes. Nevertheless, fantastic work!


yes, i completely agree with you

and i thought that no one would point out the rudder thing

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Very good - one of the best IF promo’s I’ve seen

My only input would be to add Live in there - I didn’t see that in e clip.
…and with some Life shots, mix in some IF ATC-pilot chatter in there.

Great sound track too! Suits the clip!

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yea i wish i can add some live footage but i don’t have access to it- yet

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i just noticed i didn’t say thank you so i’ll say it right now: thank you for viewing the video and giving me suggestions

This should be an extended preview video for the App Store(s). Fantastic work, 11/10.

Edit: What did you use to record/edit?

haha thanks man

for recording, i used the integrated screen recorder that comes with the samsung galaxy s7/ s7 edge
for editing, i used adobe premiere pro cc 2017

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Nice, was kinda hoping you had an app that works to record on iOS…

ios i heard is pretty tricky cuz of privacy issues and such

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This is just my opinion but I feel like the landing gear was out too much like when it shows planes flying through the air (not landing or just after takeoff obviously) but just like normally flying I feel like some of them would’ve looked better with the gear up! :)

yes, you are absolutely correct
ill try to incorporate more clips without the gear on my next videos

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