Infinite Flight Film | Beauty of Flight

In spite of all the global hype, I thought it would be nice to back off from it and kind of let it rest for a while. I’ve been ignoring all global new for the past couple of days so that I can work on this video that I think came out pretty well. It would be nice if you guys can watch it, give me feedback, and even go as far as subscribing to my channel.

(You can watch the video in 2K resolution if your device supports it)

Channel Link:


Absolutely phenomenal!!! This just shows how amazing IF is. I had a similar idea but could never dream of executing it as well as you. Wow! :)
Edit: Watching it on a 2k device (s7) and it looks stunning!


Very nice video! This really shows off IF. :)


@wolffan21 @L.A.Aviation much appreciated :)


You should make another video like this once Global comes out! The new scenery will look lovely. :)


that’s why i’m using this opportunity to learn what I can do and what I can’t do so that I can make high quality videos for global ;D


Thats fantastic mate. It would have been perfect if it was maybe a little bit shorter, but then again who is complaining I sat though the whole thing!! 10/10!

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you’re right now that you mentioned it…
the video took way too long but that was cuz of the song’s duration

im gonna hve to choose shorter songs from now on

but other than that, thanks for watching the video :D


3:29 looks real.My favorite part was 5:10-5:23

What is your YouTube channel

Awesome video. Great cinematography :)

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This was an amazing video. You’ve gotta make more like this!

Great video!! One thing though, you forgot the Q400 in that film…

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thanks for the suggestions and compliments everyone :D

They should put this as the advert on the App Store. Amazing work.


i personally don’t think it’s that good but thanks :D

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Just amazing! Awesome! Showing off Infinite Flight at its best! Songs are great! Shots are excellent! Even the night ones without any lights! The 737 shots are my favourite! I think this is the meaning of life!

Nicely done, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with once global is out… the current terrain makes me cringe now ;p


It would be interesting to see the lyrics of the song in it