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So what’s the difference between the IFFF and the Features section in IFC (Infinite Flight Community, here)?

Wouldn’t it be better if all requests be only made at the IFFF since it has vote counts and perhaps by the count, developers could prioritize the requests?

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Very goodness question, I spose a better voting system?

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Read again?

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Well what I thought is the IFFF is far more effective in reflecting the number of votes for a request and using that, developers can better prioritize requests. I know in the IFC, we have “loves” but this “love” never hits the number a request at IFFF can have, don’t you think?

That website helps determine what planes do do next as they do get a lot of vote I agree with you in that however I think this forum is good because you have all the livery requests so I think they both work well together

The site feedback is the only official way to vote for a feature!

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So I believe that renders many of the Feature threads here almost useless?

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Its for discussing about features

i will say that of aircraft it probably is yes but thats why the MODS tell you to only request a livery and not a plane

Well people say it’s for the discussion of feature requests but it seems that the IFFF is getting less and less popular? Correct me if I’m wrong…

I feel the Community gets more use than the Feedback Forum. I personally have never used the FF and fit my request into one of the available topics here. Just my 2 cents

So the IFFF is getting unpopular, that’s right?

I couldn’t answer that, I never use it

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Is this topic similar to this below?

You may find your answer there.

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