Infinite Flight Featured on a TV Show

He said it’s IF

Looks like IF

It possibly isnt coming

But be positive


Alright, settle down people. I didn’t want this to turn into a speculation thread.


It’s called being realistic, not being positive.

I can promise you that Nat Geo gave Infinite Flight LLC a good amount of money to create it.

Okay, cool! Did anyone say it’ll be coming to the next Infinite Flight update for use by the public? Didn’t think so. Bold of y’all to assume it’s coming in the public release considering (1) it’s not even going to start operations until 2025 (2) we already have enough AF1 liveries, and (3) no word on a 747 update has even been hinted at.

I’d save your speculations until the 21.1 Tracking Thread, folks.

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Guess it could be too late…

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How can I see the TV show?

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What makes you think one, never-to-be-seen before livery, on a 747-8, would mean a rework?

The design hasn’t even gotten to the actual plane yet. It wasn’t even revealed publicly that long ago.


It’s out on National Geographic in the UK

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What’s your source for this information? Not saying you’re wrong, but how do you know?


Yes, but there’s no way that IF signed an exclusive contract forbidding them to use it in their own sim. Otherwise they would always have an outdated version of Air Force One, while other competitors created the new one. They would fall behind.

For anyone saying the livery could not even exist, well, look to the Transaeros (which never existed) and also the UA A350 which won’t exist until 2027, if ever. EVREYTHING is possible!

Outdated? Outdated?!

The earliest we’ll see this livery on the new AF1 is January 2025. I’m sorry…but come on now.

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Does only the person who baked the cake eat it?


You just contradicted yourself there, don’t you think?


Link of the video pls

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Source: What We Know About the $5.3 Billion Air Force One Replacement Program.

“The manual will reportedly contain over 100,000 pages and won’t even be ready at the time of the jet’s estimated delivery to the Air Force, with DefenseOne reporting that it will arrive in January 2025.”

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Why are we arguing if this comes to IF or not lol. I mean I can possible see it. They added the EAA livery to the 742 even though we did’nt get a rework so.


Also we got the new LH 748 even though only 1 has been repainted

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I can’t see it since I’m not in the UK. Only the UK people can see it, not USA people yet

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I was just saying that there’s no way that they signed an exclusive contract blocking them from using it in the future. Our current one will eventually be outdated, and if this contract is still viable 5 years from now, then they’d never get to use the new one. Business is long term. A contract today could influence the use of a livery way down the road. There is no way this is an exclusive contract.

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Alright guys, let’s not speculate about when/if it’s coming, let alone IF’s business contracts. For all we know, @Balloonchaser could’ve drawn it 🤷‍♂️

(Obviously a joke)