Infinite Flight (FDS001) B757-200 San Francisco-San Diego

Currently the longest route you can fly in the formerly free region of California at over 450 nautical miles. I decided to take the B757-200 and use the IF House Colours for it.
I followed the altitudes published in the chart for KSAN’s runway 27 approach and it was the first time I successfully land by following the PAPI lights instead of the ILS that I most times use.

At the gate at San Francisco.

Entering Runway 28L.

Scenic view of the mountains during climb.

Configured for landing.

Runway 27 in sight.

Touchdown perfectly over the piano keys

Unloading at a random gate at KSAN.


Nice! I like that livery a lot.

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I actually like the more colourful 2014 and 15 versions in the B737-700 BBJ.

I have to say this one is my favorite. Clean, crisp, and modern. Though the 10 Year Anniversary A359 is the best.


Always a great feeling when you touchdown on the 1,000ft markers.