Infinite Flight/FDS Liveries

I would like to request that every plane have at least 1 Infinite Flight/ FDS Livery. I know it is one feature per request but it is more feasible to request in this manner than to bombard the forums with feature request after feature request.

Plus when I have my usual callsign(B787FAN), I usually use these liveries and being that I am getting Live+ very soon(most likely this friday), I would love to be able to fly one of these liveries on all planes.


Agreed… I think it would be cool on the fighters for the IFM


Thanks for the support. If we cant have it on all the planes then at least on more airbuses

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Yes… THE A380!!!

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I think the FDS planes are special, and adding the livery on each plane would kinda take away the special part about it. Just like if an airline made every plane a specialty livery. It wouldn’t be as cool to see them.

Or if we can make our own

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Antonov AN-225

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