Infinite Flight Favourite Update

This year it has to be 20.1. The addition of SIDs & STARs really changed the game for pilots and ATC.

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My favorite was 20.1 because it was the pioneer to to a lot of new cool features that completely changed the way we played the game. Added more realism and it will only get better from here!

20.3 cause 757

For me, though it might be a bit controversial, was the addition of the dash8 back in 2016 (I think it would be 16.1). I remember being so excited as I’d never known another simulator to have turboprop aircraft. I remember that the update was shipped slowly or something, and it took ages to get to my device, but then it did, and it was glorious.

Never forget spawning in at KHAF

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20.3 … 757 was soooooo outdated

If you think the 757 was outdated, you should’ve seen the B787 before that was reworked. That really was something.

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V20.2 because B77W was reworked

20.1… because I wasn’t here when global was released #2018starter hehe… and SIDs and STARs, 772 rework and 737 rework and much more… lovely update!

I’d say the first ever update to the simulator, back on windows phone. Someone has to pave the way for the future after all 🤷…

All 3 updates this year were fantastic and it’s super difficult for me to decide which one is best.

If I had to chose though, I would say 20.2. We got 3 reworked aircraft, the amazing locked free cam feature, the addition of open beta, and more.

Version 20.2. The B77W is one of my favorite airplanes. The live cockpit and animation are just perfect.

Tie between 20.1 and 20.2

Obviously the global update, but except for that 20.2 just because of the drone camera. Completely changed shooting IF vids for me

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Probably the very first ever multiplayer update for me. There was something so cool about being able to fly out of Half Moon Bay, San Clemente etc with a load of other people who play the same game as you.

Nowadays we don’t really think anything of it, but back as a 14 year old aviation loving boy that meant all the world.

The first update in which ATC was included was pretty special too and, for me at least, marks the time that the Expert Server was at its best.

1.) Global-what’s better than having ur device sit their for 11 hrs doing a flight (especially during Pandemic)
2.) 20.3 my favorite aircraft was reworked
3.) 20.2/20.1- 20.2 because I can take my realism with the drone view and 20.1 of the VNAV.

I think mine would have to be 20.1 . That update was the one that got me into Infinite Flight and gave me something to do during the summer . next would be 20.2 then 20.3.

20.2… because… 773.

My all time favourite update was obviously going to be the introduction of global.

My favourite update of this year was easily 20.1 due to the introduction of SIDS and STARS. It added a big milestone in terms of development for the simulator

20.1 because of the 737