Infinite Flight Favourite Update

Infinite Flight Favourite Update

Picture taken from Infinite Flight Twitter

What was your favourite update of Infinite Flight, any time!

737 cockpit from 20.1 update

Jet2 parked at Newark after long haul from Newcastle (Picture taken by me)

Ryanair 737 somewhere near northern Italy

Let me know below which update is your favourite

All updates this year are my favourite


20.3… because… 757.


20.1… because… 737.


Any update where we got a reworked aircraft!

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Yes 20.3 is a good update. I agree!

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20.1… because… SIDs, STARs, VNAV.


We are in the same boat. I liked because of the 737 cockpit rework too!

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Good Choice!

global… because global…and no more boxes


Yeah definitely 20.1 4 me. The hype around that was insane. Lots of new features, a full rework and a suprise rework. Perfect!

20.1 was the best. Without open beta and the fact that it just came out of the blue, was so awesome. The hype made it all the better too!

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I Think It was 20.1, a lot of hype and the introducción of SID’s and STAR’s made the sim even more realistic.

20.1 for sure! The introduction of up-to-date and global instrument procedures is revolutionary!

When global came out definitely

Maybe a lot of you won’t know what it felt but for us (old users) receive global update was the biggest and exciting thing ever! on the IF history

I remember that day really well, I couldn’t believe the new textures and finally travel to any airport of the world that u always wished to fly to 😌



Definitely 20.1 because it had the 737 cockpit rework and it was my first big update that I was actually involved in the hype for

I don’t have a favorite update

Gotta mention at least 4 of them:

  • Global because, well… it’s Global
  • 19.4 because the A350, one of the aircraft I like the most, was added
  • 20.1 because of the SIDs, STARs, APPs and VNAV
  • 20.2 because of the locked drone cam and 77W

I would definitely agree with you! These procedure implementations is very good!

Well, Global because it’s… Global?

20.1 was amazing too. Took the game to the next level.

I remember when global came out too, it was before I was on the IFC or knew about much of anything to do with IF. I just went on IF one day and everything looked so cool compared to before. 😂

Shame I didn’t know this entire community of players existed back then.

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Definitely the global update - it was the definition of a game changer.

Second will have to be the future update when clouds finally make their way into the sim. 😉

And third would be the introduction of “live” (multiplayer) which made regions much less lonely, and started Infinite Flight on its journey to where it is today! That’s a long time ago though, and predated this forum - we had to follow updates on an earlier version of Infinite Flight’s blog

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