Infinite Flight FAQ

The staff and community members have spent a lot of effort creating valuable tutorials. Please take a moment and explore the #tutorials category to help you on your Infinite Flight journey. Below you will find a collection of the most common questions related to the Infinite Flight app itself.

Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical issues with the app itself, please have a look at the Support FAQ.

Subscription / Account / Device

How do I subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro and what is included?

If you have the latest version of Infinite Flight installed from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store you can purchase one of our Infinite Flight Pro subscription options. With an Infinite Flight Pro subscription you will gain instant access to an online global multiplayer experience which features world-wide scenery and satellite imagery, giving you the ability to fly to any airport in the world. The Infinite Flight Pro subscription will also include our entire fleet of aircraft, live Air Traffic Controllers, real-time weather and time of day, realistic flight planning, and much much more!

Infinite Flight Pro Subscription Pricing

  • 1 Month $9.99
  • 6 Months $49.99
  • 1 Year $79.99

You can subscribe through your respective App Store:


You will need a valid Facebook or Google account to sign up for a subscription. Subscriptions can be used on any supported device as long as it is not being signed in by more than one user. Google Play Store customers can now purchase a subscription with a redeem card and store account balances. The subscriptions will automatically renew but can be cancelled from your Play Store account at the Infinite Flight app page.


iTunes customers can use redeem cards or account credits without a credit card to purchase a Pro Subscription. iTunes customers will renew automatically, but can be cancelled from your iTunes account.

How do I cancel recurring subscriptions?

By default all subscriptions are set to Auto-Renew. Auto-Renew can be cancelled directly from your App Store or Play Store app. Please find the instructions for your store below:

View, change, or cancel Google Play Store subscription

View, change, or cancel your App Store subscription

How can I request a refund?

If you are experiencing difficulty with Infinite Flight, please allow us the opportunity to help resolve your issue first. We are a small independent team, highly motivated, and will be happy to help with technical issues. Often times technical issues can be quickly resolved by closing and relaunching the app or restarting your device.

Each store has their own policy regarding how refunds for an app, subscriptions, or in-app purchases are handled. Please see the list below to find your app store:

iTunes policy is that all app sales are final. We are not able to provide refunds, but you may be able to receive a refund by emailing iTunes customer service making your request.

The Google Play Store offers a two hour grace period to request a full refund for any purchase. Following the two hour grace period all refunds need to be requested with the developer by providing a complete copy of the receipt which shows the purchase ID beginning with “GPA” along with a reason for the requested refund. Refunds are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case by case. Please contact for assistance.

How can I switch operating systems. (iOS to Android or Android to iOS)

You will be required to re-purchase the app again using the new device’s play store. After purchasing the app you can log into Infinite Flight using the same pilot credentials you used before. All of your stats will remain intact.

I have an older device, is my device supported?

To ensure the best possible experience we recommend that a device has at least 1GB+ of internal device memory (RAM). Our mission will be to continually optimize performance, however the bar must be raised with future features in mind.

Apple Requirements:

  • 64 bit device
  • iOS 10 operating system or later

Android Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or later
  • Device must support OpenGL ES 3.0

Note: Due to large variety of Android devices there is not a specific list of supported devices. Customers with devices that are not supported at this time will receive a message on the Google PlayStore when attempting to download the latest update for Infinite Flight to advise that the device in use is not supported.

You can also check out the Community Driven Device Compatibility for your device.

Can I connect a joystick/flight yoke?

Infinite Flight does support joysticks. You can read more in the following tutorial: Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

What are the different servers on Infinite Flight Pro?

Casual is where anything goes. There is no live ATC and there are no violations.

Training is for Grade 2 and above. Training is where pilots and ATC can tune their skills. Some ATC may still be learning so mistakes may happen from time to time. Violations are given for speeding on the ground, over 250kts under 10,000 feet, and speeding above your specific aircraft’s specifications for your given altitude.

Expert is for Grade 3 and serious pilots. Rules and ATC are expected to be followed and pilots will be reported for failure to follow instructions. Expert server gives a great flight experience by utilizing trained IFATC controllers guiding traffic in an orderly manner.

What is in or when is the next update coming out?

The developers will announce work in progress and confirmed features on their social media channels as well as the #announcements category in the forum. Releases are not targeted for specific dates but rather announcements will be made once updates have been sent to the respective app stores for review.

Can I fly on two devices at the same time?

You cannot be logged in on the same account on multiple devices. If you have a second registered PRO account you can fly on a second device using that separate account.

Can I fly overnight?

Yes you can. Your device will need to stay active the whole time so it is advised to have your device plugged in, lower your screen brightness, ensure low power mode is selected in the Infinite Flight settings, and set auto pilot well below any indicated speed limit for your aircraft.

Leaving your device during critical phases of flight (climb/descent) may result in unwanted violations.


What is Auto-Coordination?

When checked, Auto-Coordination couples the ailerons and rudder together while on the ground. Un-checking this will often help pilots control their plane during crosswind takeoffs and landings.

How do I adjust the control sensitivity?
  1. Launch Infinite Flight
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Controls” on the left bar.
  4. Slide the sensitivity slider as needed.
  • Checking the “Rev” checkbox will reverse the controls.

How do I adjust the graphics settings?
  1. Launch Infinite Flight
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Graphics” on the left bar.
  4. Adjust settings as needed

“Limit Frame Rate” should be checked to optimize your battery and prevent your device from overheating.

How do I clear the scenery cache / My plane is falling through the ground?

In the event that your scenery is not loading correctly, clearing the scenery cache may help.

Go to Settings —> General —> Tap “Clear scenery cache”. Press on Yes.

Pilot Profile

How do I change my callsign?

Please reference the following tutorial:

Please note that inappropriate callsigns or display names are against the terms of service. Non-airline callsigns will be phonetically pronounced. Please avoid using callsigns with multiple repeating characters (ie: “NNNNNNNNNNNNNN12”.

What are the various grade requirements for each server? (Pro Only)


How do I check my pilot stats/grade table?

Please reference the following tutorials:

What are violations? (Pro Only)

Violations are system generated based on how pilots control their plane. The possible violations are as follows:


You can find your violations and reports in your logbook: How to see your violations and ghostings in your logbook

What are reports (ghosts)? (Pro Only)

Being reported, or ghosted, is where you become invisible to other pilots for the duration of your session. This is also reflected on your grade table and may change your ability to fly on a specific server for a period of time. Controller ghosting is only available on the Expert server OR after obtaining 6 system generated violations in a row.

There are few examples that can result in ghosting without warning, these are:
Insulting call signs/usernames with profanity, discriminating/racist terms, or blatantly offensive material.


  • Not following the issued sequence
  • Lining up on the runway for takeoff/landing without permission
  • Landing/taking off from grass or taxiway
  • Pilots who do not respond to instruction after 2-3 attempts
  • Pilots sending many duplicate messages in a short period of time
  • Takeoff/landing without clearance
  • Crashing into or taxiing through other aircraft
  • Spamming frequency
  • Offensive call signs/usernames
  • Not following ATIS instructions
  • Repeated disruption after multiple ghosting
  • Taxiing through other planes/terminals/gates
  • Interfering with others (case by case basis)

I would like to inquiry regarding my report.

If you would like to inquire about your report, please contact the controller directly via PM. You can find the name of who reported you in your logbook. A guide to appealing ghosts - #21 by naro

You can find your violations and reports in your logbook: How to see your violations and ghostings in your logbook

User Interface

What are all the items on my heads up display (HUD)?

Please reference the following tutorial:

What are the colored dots on the airport map?

Please reference the following tutorial: Reading Airport Dot Colors

What are the differences between the red/green/orange runway numbers?

In an ideal scenario planes will take off and land into the wind. The green/orange/red runway numbers indicate the amount of wind based on the direction.

Color Wind
Orange Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 45 degree difference.
Red Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 90 degree difference.
Green All other cases

Different planes have different tolerances to wind. Landing on an orange runway with a crosswind in a commercial plane may be easier than in a light Cessna. A red runway does not always mean the runway is closed.

What is the difference between the red cone at the end of the runway vs the white cone?

A red cone at the end of the runway indicates that the runway has an Instrument Landing System or ILS to assist the pilot in landing. The ILS approach is a precision approach designed to keep you clear of obstacles. How to Fly and ILS Approach is a great tutorial on how to fly and ILS approach.

The white cone is a GPS approach which has a standard degree glide slope to the runway. GPS approaches do not take terrain or other obstacles into account.

How do I toggle the landing aid (red rectangles)

The landing aid can be toggled in the settings.

  • Launch Infinite Flight
  • Press on Settings
  • De-select “Landing Aid”

What is the FPV on the HUD?

Please reference the following tutorial: What is the FPV and how do I turn it on/off?

Flight Planning

How do I make a flight plan?

A flight plan is an excellent way to increase the reality of your flight experience. Please reference the following tutorial:

What is a pattern / What are the parts of a pattern? (Downwind/Base/Final/etc)

A pattern is taking off from an airport, circling around, and landing at the same runway.

Please reference the following tutorial: How to fly a (visual) pattern

What is METAR?

METAR is the observed weather at the airport.

Please reference the following tutorial: Understanding METAR

What do the colors inside of the airport dot mean?

Please reference the following tutorial: Reading Airport Dot Colors

How do I calculate my fuel?

Fuel calculation can vary depending on the aircraft. There are a number of online flight planning websites which calculate fuel for pilots that can be used like, For more information please reference the following tutorial: Flight planning series | Part 4 Flight plan & fuel planning

I see a message that says NOTAM. What is NOTAM?

NOTAM is short for Notice to Airmen.

A NOTAM is a notice containing information essential to the flight operations of that airspace. In Infinite Flight NOTAMs are typically used to inform the pilot of community events and/or aircraft size limitations currently in place. Violation of a NOTAM may result in being reported.

Ground Procedures

What is ATIS?

Please reference the following tutorial:

Please note that ATIS is currently only available on the expert server.


Please reference the following tutorial: How to Make Your Pushback Look Real

When to use strobes/lights?

Proper strobe and lights usage is a key element to making your flight realistic. Please reference the following tutorial:

While real life procedures may vary depending on the airline and country, in Infinite Flight the preferred lights are different due to lack of additional lights.

When Nav Lights Beacon Strobe Lights Landing Lights
Unoccupied Aircraft Off Off Off Off
Occupied Aircraft On Off Off Off
Upon Pushback/Taxi Clearance On On Off Off
While Taxiing On On Off Off
Entering Runway/Upon Takeoff or LUAW Clearance/Back Taxi On On On On
Crossing Runway On On On On
Cruise below 10,000 feet AGL On On On On
Cruise above 10,000 feet AGL On On On Off


When ATC is present, permission must be granted before taxing.
Tutorial: Recipe For A Perfect Taxi

In addition this is a great tutorial on all aspects of ground : Ground Maneuvering

How to back taxi?

Please reference the following tutorial:

Flight Procedures

What are the speed limitations of aircraft?

There are a few speed limits in the simulator.

  • Max 35kts ground speed while off the runway.
  • Non-Fighter planes under 10,000 feet not to exceed 250kts air speed
  • Non-Fighter planes above 10,000 feet - Speed is limited by aircraft and altitude. The higher the altitude the lower the air speed limit. Pay attention to the speed strip on the HUD while keeping the speed below the red dots.
  • Fighters are except from in the air speed limits - However, excessive speed at a controlled airspace may result in a report (ghost).

Why is my plane going off the runway while taking off/landing?

This is due to the crosswinds. Please reference the following tutorial for more information on how to handle crosswinds :

How do I declare a fuel emergency?

A fuel emergency can only be declared after a number of undocumented criteria is met. This is in place to prevent the abuse of the comment.

In the event of a fuel emergency ATC will try to give the pilot a more direct route. However, if the airport cannot be reached the pilot should divert to another airport.

What is the ILS and how do I intercept it?

The ILS approach is a precision approach designed to keep you clear of obstacles.
Please reference the following tutorial: How to fly an ILS approach

What are the lights on the side of the runway

Please reference the following tutorial: How to use the PAPI

How to use Autoland (APPR)?

Please reference the following tutorial:

What is the green/white light I see flashing?

An aerodrome beacon or rotating beacon is a beacon installed at an airport or aerodrome to indicate its location to aircraft pilots at night.

An aerodrome beacon is mounted on top of a towering structure, often a control tower, above other buildings of the airport. It produces flashes similar to that of a lighthouse.

Exiting the Runway

Please reference the following tutorial:

Additional Tutorials

For even more detailed tutorials regarding flight, please consult the pilot guide: Pilot tutorial guide

The above list is nowhere close to complete list of tutorials found in the #tutorials category. Thank you to all of the contributors over the years that have filled the #tutorials category with such great content If you have a question be sure to use the search function to see if there is already a tutorial listed.

Happy flying!




Updated wind requirements for runway colors.