Infinite Flight Facebook Page

Hi guys. So I don’t have a Facebook account, but I do like looking at the announcements IF puts on their page. The problem is within the last two days, whenever I go to the Facebook page it asks me to log in. I appreciate looking at the teasers for airplanes, but I’m not going to set up an account, so I’m kind of annoyed. Is it possible a security (or privacy) thing at IF’s end locked me out? If so, can you let non-Facebook IF fans access the Facebook page? Thanks a lot! @DIsraelFDS input please?

You can access it without an account. Try again usig different methods. I just did 1/2 an hour ago

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If I had a dollar for everyone that comments “free live”…

This has nothing to do with getting live free…

Still asking me to log in… Grrr.

I know, we were discussing the comments on the Facebook page

Oh ok… sorry :)

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You’d be richer than Bill Gates!😆

Tried accessing page on different device. This time it worked. The A319 looks great! Wonder what the problem was with my first device. Oh well…