Infinite Flight Escort Services

Hello Infinite Flight, IFES here. Are you getting lonely while flying? Want screenshots that Stand out? Don’t want the hassle of a Virtual Airline with specific routes you can only take?

(If the answer is no, please exit this post.)

But if it’s YES, I’ve got something for you!

Introducing, Infinite Flight Escort Services! IFES is focused on getting aircraft cargo/passengers where they want with the security of an escort. It’s that simple! Don’t want a F-16 following you? That’s ok! We make use of all aircraft to escort. Not to mention we have the largest fleet for your security.

Still reading? Good!


Either place “-E” in your callsign (E for Escort) and one of our professional pilots at your airport will escort you to your destination.

Or you can pre-plan it with us by visiting THIS page. Great for group flights! Every plane counts! For more information visit our website at: double-u double-u double-u dot Eye Eff e Es dot com.

Join NOW for premium benefits.. Or If you’re interested in partnering with us, OR Hiring us for a special Event: skype me. (It’s on this page)

Gift Shop coming soon.


I want to joun

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Can I join as a official pilot?

Will be joining I’ll add some pics of myself doing some escorts



Nice! @MISFIT welcome to IFES . @Shuuichi_Furusawa PM me. @Logan_Whisman we’ve spoken before right?

Website coming soon! I’ll be done with the website by later today



Just took these ones seem over-experienced in the F-16

You’ll need to change your callsign to Escort(Number)

I’ve been using the f-14 but if need be can practice more with the f-16. So instead of Misfit change it to Escort(number) example Escort1? What numbers are available?

“E” = Boogie! Scar-6 an F/A-18 out of Miramar daily has been looking for ACM targets. “E’s” watch the Sun… Mad Max Sends


I was wondering if I could join as a pilot…I’m good with just about any plane.

@Maxmustang is that your callsign?


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@MISFIT Scar-6 is the call sign. You’ll get to know it, it’s the one that will turn you red every time we meet. Gooday, Mad Max Sends

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all except 1 and 6

Sorry I was out for a bit

Whos online in SoCal rn? Want to do some escorts with me?

@AnnieCorp_Inc ok as soon as I change it I’ll let you know