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The Personal Escort Form has been updated.

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ALL IFES MEMBERS: Attention everybody who’s coming to the event escort: Please review the IFC post again. The event is being hosted by IFEO, which I am the Co-CEO of, and it would be a pleasure for you to be there. Thank you for reading. Please double review the IFC post here [Closed] IFEO Grand Opening @ KSFO - 311900ZAUG16 and @liamkirky, the CEO of IFEO, will be leading the flight. Copy his FPL and he will lead. His display name is Captain Kirk and his call sign is IFEO001. Thank you for reading.

Update :We have been asked to provide security to this event. If you’re an IFES member, I’ll need 2 of you to show up in F/A-18’s. (I’ll be in one aswell).


IFES and IFM has decided to separate in terms of having a website. as IFES grows larger, and IFM grows in comparison with IFES, it’s own website is needed. Development has started today, will finish today aswell. URL will be given in 3 hours.


Infinite Flight Escort Services has been asked to provide security at the VA World Cup. This means 2 things… The Event Planning Department will have to communicate with the event makers for the next 2 days, and
WE will have to be prepared for this great honor. Also, because of this, IFES will remain neutral through the games.

Since we’re not based on using fighter jets, you’re allowed to use the following aircraft in GENERIC livery:

All 737’s
All 757’s
Boeing Globemaster

Here’s the link. Tell me if you can make it:

Oh I forgot to give the link.

The new IFMS Website (Not done)

[TRAINING] IFES/IFM Training on-going at KNKX

Server: TS2

Reference: IFM/IFES Training Exercises @ KNKX - 171800ZSEP16

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Good morning IFES!

Finally managed to wake up before 8AM. (EST)

IFES flight KPSP- KNUC- KSAN - On Going. (For IFES members not in Slack)

Official Happy Birthday to one of our Executives: @Robertdiaz123 . We appreciate knowing you and having you with IFES for 9 months and running.

Your birthday gift: [CLOSED] Rob's BDAY @ KPSP - 101600ZSEP16


Thanks Mr. T

Your welcome Mr. R.

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IFES Coast Guard found a Beached whale this morning at 0900Z near KSAN, If you have any further information please call IFES at 787-9-777-300ER



I couldn’t call but I saw the whale traveling from Malaysia.

Hmm, Maybe the number is wrong… Thank you for that tip

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IFES is finally releasing its out it’s own domain & New website to the public. (New Website not done)

Feel free to criticize on the pages already done. Still designing the Home page.

Anyway, here it is!

Nothing?.. no criticism?..