Infinite Flight Escort Services

Good evening. Can you DM me the email used for the application form?

Hi, Daniel S just sent me the Quiz on my email…

Ah okay. Roger that

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I request an escort,nobody came yet.they should be here now.

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Ey @Boodz_G , how are you?
Ok we saw your escort request listed as:

IFES Personal Escort
5/19/2016 12:15am

What happen is that unfortunately you never select a timezone, making everyone guess if is your local time or whatever time was that.
This is not your fault, I believe the management will be doing some changes and will give GMT time only for selection making easy for everyone to know the exact time.

Maybe someone else will be able to assist you on that.


As @Erissonmp said, you must give us a timezone. Remember, we are a small, but growing group. We may not be able to give every escort. We have lives too.

This is his fault as he gave us no timezone…

Thank you for the suggestion and we apologize for the confusion.


I’ll be switching everything on website to GMT.


Adding on to that… The reason we have done this is so that all escorts requested will be in the same time zone. That way it’s easier for our pilots as well as “customers” to convert to local time zones.


Everyone needs to learn Zulu… It should be a “must”…


I requested one at 12:00 before 12 hours in advanced and put my time zone UTC+3H but you never showed up and i had to make a new one i guess i forgot to put the time zone for the second one.

I did say the timezone for the 12:00AM request.

Ok well, we do have a new system in place, make a new escort and we’ll be there!

Hmm mind if I join? Looks like an interesting group and I really enjoy flying the F-14. I used to be an officer in a combat flight simulator squadron for War Thunder and have been flying F-100s, F-4s, F-5s, MiG 17s and MiG 21s in another flight sim so am more then used to formation flight (mostly in props so I’ll have to adapt) and jet aircraft.


Hi @Tarnfalk, you can apply at

Best of luck!


@Boodz_G, please note that your request got to be done 12hours before the actual escort ok.

System now is finalized by our admin.
Times are on GMT.


If you’re rescheduling, the 12 hour limit does not apply.

Guys. Putting this out here for those didn’t see it on slack. June 11th I’ll be back and flying ALL DAY. my last exam is the 10th. Mark it in your calendars

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Just added it.

Our escort system was improved again. We received 2 escorts and realized they were unattended to. I’m personally apologizing to those 2 people.

For this reason, Our new Escort Manager is John Kennedy. IFES Management assures EVERYONE all your escorts will be attended to.

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Which escorts were these? @AnnieCorp_Inc