Infinite Flight Escort Service | IFES [Recruiting]

Hello Infinite Flight, IFES here. Are you getting lonely while flying? Want screenshots that Stand out? Don’t want the hassle of a Virtual Airline with specific routes you can only take?

(If the answer is no, please exit this post.)

The Community’s Finest

Welcome to one of Infinite Flight’s original virtual airlines. Founded in 2015, IFES has provided services of the highest caliber to members of the forum. At one time, IFES was the largest active VA, providing daily on-call service through our streamlined system. IFES is more than a virtual airline, we are a team. At IFES you will find people to fly with, missions to fly, and mentors to learn from. We provide the highest quality and experienced escorts on the IFC. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Join Us

Join us to learn, fly, and serve your community. IFES is known for our flexibility. You can join us many different ways. The following options are listed in order of preference.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Request an Escort

As we open our doors to recruits, we will not immediately be providing escorts. This is to ensure quality service, as our recruits must be trained to our standards. Please check back later to request an escort.


Here at IFES, we are able to train our recruits in any aircraft, and certify them with an in-house type rating. When requesting an escort, feel free to specify any aircraft you would like assigned to the mission. By default, we will use the F-16C.


IFES is comprised of some truly remarkable people. Founded by Trevaun S (@AnnieCorp_Inc), we have aimed to carry out the core mission of IFES through well-trained and knowledgeable staff.

CEO: @Ksisky
COO: @Battlecub
Admin: @Thunder
Admin: @Night__

We are also looking for staff! If you have what it thinks to be on our staff team, please PM @Ksisky, regardless of any other way you have applied.


Our current partners include:

  • USCG-IF Virtual - @USCG_Virtual - As our long time partner, USCG-IF has helped us train and grow our experience. Without them, IFES would not be what it is today.

Have any interest in partnering with us? PM @ksisky or fill out this form.


All IFES communications are conducted in our Slack team. We also have a website in design. Check back for that!

A Brief History of IFES

IFES was founded on August 15th, 2015, by Trevaun (trev), with the intention of creating a side project to entertain a growing audience of Infinite Flight. It soon grew into something larger.

Original link:

IFES’s first thread has secured itself as the most prominent #live:va thread to date, and will most likely hold that position for a very long time. If you browse the thread you will learn more about IFES than I could ever write about. It truly is the “constitution” of our group. 700 posts and a new CEO later, our thread was retired. A new (and far less successful) was created, but quickly died as the CEO retired.

Second thread: IFES - Infinite Flight Escort Services

Following this, the presence of IFES on the forum was significantly reduced. However, internal operations continued to bring us to the present. We have made great strides in improving our VA, and we hope you enjoy our new systems.

Contact Us

If you have any remaining questions, feel free to PM or just ask below.

At IFES, we like to keep it simple. When it comes down to it, IFES is a group of people who all love to use and talk about Infinite Flight. Sure, you won’t always find the high-tech software and gizmos with us, but you will find experience. Our mission is to provide escorts to the community. We’ve been doing it for almost 3 years now, and we’ve gotten good at it. When I first joined IFES, I never would’ve thought that I would have the privilege to lead this great group of pilots, and now I feel that it is my responsibility to make IFES better than it ever was.

Fly Free - Kevin Sisk, CEO



Looks great! Best of luck! :)

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen this :)

Glad to have IFES back, congrats!


We really took the time to get everything back together again. We hope you enjoy!

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Glad to see you guys back😀

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Good luck on that one.


It’s going to be a challange, for sure, but my team is ready to act and take different steps to reach our goal. We have a lot to learn and do, especially if we want to catch up to you DynamX guys! ;)


Infinite Flight escort services has re-opened our instagram. Be sure to follow!

I actually used to belong to this VA couple years I

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We hope you enjoyed your time! Have you thought about returning?

I’m not opposed to it I suppose I just I got entirely too demanding into political run two he-said-she-said in lots of drama I don’t know how long you belong to it or whatever but it’s back when Hunter and a few others belong

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We have overhauled our entire team. Please DM me if you have any more questions along those lines so they can be sorted out. Thanks!

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Sounds interesting. Hoping for some escorts during my streams :)

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As soon as we can train a team to support constant escorts, we will open up requests. We’d love to be featured in a stream. See you in the skies!


LoL I thought it was some sort of mile high club when first saw the title


It is really cool to see somthing that isnt nust another airline with its “amazing never before offered routes” but somthing really unique…

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No when I was a part of this VA a few years ago it was kind of cool to escort airliners and such and you know it’s a good chance to take screenshots and staged photos in what not plus it just looks cool when you’re approaching on it and you got three or four Fighters or whatever surrounding an airliner

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That’s what we have alway aimed to create since the beginning. Each mission that you fly is different, but also unique. Some missions even require specialized training. We have always employed the “no-routes” system to create freedom in our VA. We also reward our pilots for completing group flights with each other, as we believe constructive feedback is important for the development of our pilots.

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I seriously thought this group had keeled over and died a very very long time ago. It brings back memories to see you guys back here.

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And for that reason, I worked closely with other long-time members of IFES to bring back a VA that has been home to many. My first steps in IF Live were with the guys at this VA, and my memories with them are numerous. I hope we can recreate these memories with others too.