Infinite flight error

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When I opened infinite flight on my iPad it says “Your not subscribed” but I’m subscribed. It’s an error please fix it infinite flight developers 🙏

Can you provide us with more information, a screenshot perhaps?

Here is the problem

Hmmm, that still does not help much. Are you logged in and have your community account linked?

I’m not a member of IF

I don’t really get what you are trying to say. You are a community member as you are talking to me. Do you mean you are not pro subscribed?

I’m subscribed but I’m not a staff

Oh I got my account back.

Alright, perfect! You can find out more about your subscriptions here:

I’m not the only one with the error . Other people also have errors

So… your friends or someone who does not have an IFC account?

Not friends but other people have errors

I’m sorry, I am not getting what you mean. Do you mean other users on the IFC, if that is the case they can create support topics and get help individually.

Yes @Fourthnebula919