Infinite Flight ended mid flight

I was completing a flight last night from India to SFO. Now since this is such a long flight, I figured I would let it go overnight. Much to my surprise when I woke up this morning my iPad was off. I checked IF and found that the app was acting as if the flight was being loaded up to start it. I checked the replay and it said my flight time was 0 minutes and 0 seconds but when I got in to the replay it was about 4 hours even though I didn’t fall asleep till the flight time while flying said 5-6 hours. I also am unable to access my grade table, among other things.

Device: iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 256GB
IOS: latest
IF version: 20.2

I’m not angry, more like confused. I’ve had this app crash many times and this wasn’t anything like any of that.

Just to clarify, was the screen off? Or was the entire iPad shut down? Because if the entire device was shut down, then the entire device might have crashed, not just Infinite Flight.

Nope it was just off, like in sleep mode

Is this the first time this has happened? Have you been able to successfully complete long haul flights in the past?

I’ve flown from São Paulo Guarulhos to Lisbon and I suddenly lost connection but it re-established shortly after it… but now, I’m trying to start a flight and it simply doesn’t work and doesn’t let me see my stats…

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I believe their servers went down. I was entering a flight plan and planes were rubber banding while taxiing, then it disconnected, and won’t establish a connection when I try to log back in.

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Many many many long hauls have been done before. Up to 23 hours long and this one was only 13 which I’ve done at least a dozen times in the last month

I am mid air rn and My game hasn’t crashed yet

Did you do an update to your iPad? Something that may have altered the auto sleep settings?

It is quite possible that because of some issues at the minute which Infinite Flight are fixing as we speak, it could have effected some things. Make sure your iPad was fully charged and didn’t lose power throughout the night. Maybe you need to update the app or your device. These are all possibilities.

Nope. I did a long haul a couple days before and there was no issue whatsoever

@Errigal iPad was fully charged, plugged in all night. I also made sure we didn’t lose power. I did however discover we had a power surge because of some storms going on right now. I think it was more or less what IF is fixing right now

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Most likely. Once everything is fixed try another long haul, and see if it happens again. If it doesn’t, I guess you can assume it had something to do with the server wide issue. If not, then we should continue from there

For the last five days I’ve had the same problem I do start a long Hopefully when I wake up the phone is still on But the flight shut down and I’ve done over 20 long-haul flights in the last month before 20.2 and it’s just now happening

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