Infinite Flight during other applications

Dear all,

Just a question regarding the IF application. I know from MS Flight Simulator that you can open another application without breaking the simulation. The flight continues in background.

It is also possible in Infinite Flight? In the moment, if i got a call or a WhatsApp, the flight won’t continue.

Thanks for help


Unfortunately Infinite flight uses too much memory for it to be able to be run in the background. However when you exit IF mid flight your flight simply pauses, you can get back in but it will take a few seconds to reconnect to the live server

On my iPad IF has to be the front program running and receiving a call will pause IF. I do have other programs running in the background however and that works ok.

Thanks for the answer!

Adding on to what @SterlingArcher said. If you leave I would recomend you don’t leave infinte flight for more than twenty seconds. After that things start to get harry. Another thing, if you fly on expert be careful as a know bug might make you “Unknown.” You wont be able to contact atc and could possibly grt banned. You can read about it here. NOTAM: Unknown Aircraft/Can’t communicate with ATC

Hopefully this isn’t too off topic, but I know that I sometimes need to minimise IF in a flight because I’m at work or get a call etc. If I’m on expert server and need to do this is it better to just end the flight? I want to avoid a report/ghosting. Asking as am hoping to make expert server in the next week or so. Thanks.

Well, quick answer, no. You can’t open other applications in the background like FSX. Others on here are recommending only to exit the app for a small amount of time, but in my experience doing this causes a lot of severe bugs, and in many cases ends your flight.

Rather than using the same device, you could use a separate one. I you can’t do this then I’d just ask your work to contact you via landline, or you could schedule times where you know your work won’t contact you. If you’re unsure if they will or they won’t, I’d just play it safe and use casual server or training server.

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