Infinite_Flight_Dude's PPL Tracking Thread (Months 1-2)

I’ll now be using this topic as a tracking thread while I attempt to receive my license!

It’s been a pretty great experience so far. I’ve learned slow flight, power on and power off stalls, etc.

Flying in Southern California is something that everyone should be able to do, the weather is great (most of the time). There are a lot of airport and airspaces where you can train…

Here’s some photos from my flight lessons so far in the Piper PA28-161

Some shots of the flight instruments:

Getting the hang of everything and the personal time in the air has been so helpful so far in my training. Here’s to another good two months of flight school!

p.s. If you have any experiences with flight training, let me know down below so we can chat about it!


Really interesting! I hope you are findinig it great fun!

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Nice plane! One of the planes in our fleet is a 1979 Piper Cherokee that has the exact same setup on the dash. Such a blast to fly but a little picky with the approach speeds. Glad that you’re enjoying your training! Maybe you should make this your PPL thread and keep up updated as you progress

Keep up the good work!! Really can’t wait to see from 6 months now where you’re at with your training!

That’s the only six pac I need in my life 😂


Great idea, I’ll change it to that now. I’ll keep you updated as each lesson passes by!

Also yeah for me their rule is: Stay below 65 KIAS and above 45 KIAS.

I also can’t wait to see where I’m at! I know that takeoff and landing will come up after I’ve done power on, power off, and slow flight enough times.

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Awesome to see pilots at KCMA, I live there and am about to start my training in a month.

No way, I fly into there almost every lesson!

Make sure to fly on Saturday’s so I can try and catch ya!

lmao I can relate dude.

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UPDATE: The fires in SoCal are unfortunately right over where we would like to train. So with that in mind I haven’t been able to go up for the past 4-5 weeks.

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UPDATE: Finally back at it again tomorrow after 27+ days of lag time. Let’s see if I can get started with landings by February! Photos to come tomorrow.

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