Infinite_Flight_Dude’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

This is a new tracking thread as I want to try and enhance my atc skills!


Come on into NORCAL where I’ll be doing approach and departure for KSJC, KSFO, and KOAK!


Thank you for the service, Airbus 1998


I’ll be attempting to come in a few moments after I do something real quick.

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No problem, if you have any criticism or comments let me know! I tried to keep you and that Alaska plane (which originally was filed to go to KPMD) spread apart as best as possible.

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Sorry about the flight change. Wasn’t exactly sure where I was going.

Hey no worries. It wasn’t an issue at all, I just wanted to make sure you guys didn’t collide.

Oh yeah, at KVNY runways 34R and 16L are only used for GA pattern work. Any aircraft larger than a TBM can’t land on it.

I’ll be joining in and do some Patternwork if that’s fine

Callsign: American 1218

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Hello Infinite_Flight_Dude! My username is Humars and my callsign is N687HS, I was one of the attendants for your session today. It has been a nice flight, but not to forget here’s your general feedback:


  1. You have a clear understanding of how patterns work & what clearances are suppose to be given and how inbound aircraft are supposed to be dealt with at minimum.

  2. You understand when to intervene if there would be a ongoing conflict, particularly when I’m re-cleared as no.2 for the option/to land and the person behind me being cleared as no.1 for the option/to land on the same runway


  1. When I was requesting for a runway change about two times, one in my second pattern & another in my third pattern, you said ‘unable’. The true decision would have been to give a pattern instruction to enter left downwind for Runway 34R, clear me for the option and changing my traffic (turns) to right. The times you should use unable for a request to change the runway is if the ILS/GPS cone is congested therefore disabling aircraft to enter onto the ILS/GPS cone and/or the runway is designated for depature & not arrivals, there may be more reasons but this is the two reasons I know that wasn’t conflicted since not soo many people were in the ILS/GPS cone for Runway 34R and I believe both runways were suppose to be desginated for arrivals and departures.

  2. Make sure that the ‘clear for the option’ clearance is sent a bit earlier, either on crosswind or early downwind.

  3. When there was a conflict between me and another aircraft that were going for Runway 34L, I think you quickly realized your mistake after you sent the ‘make a right 360 for spacing’ message but just to serve as a reminder, if I need to extend downwind for an aircraft behind me then you can either send the ‘extend downwind’ command located in the pattern instructions sub-menu or as you did, tell me that you’ll be responsible for deciding when is the appropriate & necessary time to do a base turn

  4. Related to the transition you gave me, I believe the true transition was suppose to be 3000ft because adding 2300ft (pattern altitude) with 800ft (airport elevation) (the reason why the two digit numbers were removed in 800 is because they weren’t necessary to calculate the transition) would equal to 3000ft as it’s the closest transition altitude to 3100ft

Setting aside everything else, you did great. With extra practise in handling a minimum volume of traffic (4-5 aircraft) you should be great for the IFATC written exam and practical exam in no time.

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Opened up for business, come on down to get some landings in!

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Coming in for a few. I would have people bookmark this discussion so they get alerted.

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@Infinite_Flight_Dude, here is what you need to work on:

Sequencing: There was not even a time where you sequenced one of us. Instead you used, “I’ll call your base.” Which is fine, but again. It makes our life so much easier and the controllers. Also your traffic clearence. Visit this thread.

Faster Sequening and Clearences: This is also a major problem. You need to be faster when it comes to sequencing and clearences.

Good job on your part, but so much more areas can improve in an instant. My callsign was N877HD.
Here are some videos:

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Pretty much the only time you use I’ll call your base is when you’re making room for departures. I’ll call your base is NOT an appropriate substitute for sequencing.


Open at KHHR! Only accepting GA traffic.


There are trolls currently at the airport not following instructions. I’ll try again later.

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You don’t have to take the trolls literal, you can just ignore them and wait for professional pilots while they do their thing at the airport. You can almost consider them as ‘ghosts’ if you like. If there is too many trolls that are bothering you and preventing you from getting practise , then you can just move to another not well-known airport.

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Open at NORCAL Approach. Using charts to help me out! Come on up or down to KSFO!

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