Infinite flight drop m down to level 1 and I was on 2

Good morning infinite flight community.
Did anyone have the same problem that the game leveed you down 1 level? I was in level 2 and now i am in 1!
can somebody help m recover to level 2 please
have a nice day! :}


Can you post a screenshot of your grade table please? Most likely is due to your landings or flight time within 90 days.

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If you don’t fly enough it downgrades ya

oh I didnt know that maybe is because I havent flown in a while

Yeah it happened to me a while back. I couldn’t buy global for like 6 months and when I finally bought it I was back to grade 1. (From grade 4)

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can your grade level up even if you do not have global?

Unfortunately, no. This is because your stats require you to be on an online server. Solo mode doesn’t count towards stats, which is why your grade dropped

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