Infinite Flight Drone Camera fan-trailer

Hi, remember i said that I was desperate to play with the drone cam? Well, I’ve practiced during phase 1 and then shot this once phase 2 was out:

Special thanks to @Davide_DC for helping out with most of the fighter shots.

The really interesting stuff

Location: many
Server: mostly solo
Plane: yes
Route: not a single flightplan was filed throughout the whole creation of this video


Wow, as always incredible job!

Now all we need is the 20.2 Fan Trailer 🤗 Great job!

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very good job love the music

Haha that was fun, great stuff mate :)

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I loved it, great job! Now I am twiddling my thumbs while waiting for your take on the v20.2 trailer. 👀

well that won’t come soon, I need to have a lot of replays with 777 before I can do that

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For those who were wondering about the locations from the video, I’ve added them into subtitles

ah yes, “Infnitife Flight 20.2” :)

Jokes aside, that was amazing!

Thanks! I still can’t believe that the fighter shots at the end were really shot on the drone cam due to the spinning and stuff.

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AHAHAH so pretty!!! I still can not figure out how to use the drone cam still lol. I can’t wait for your like full 20.2 fan trailer because I am craving some fans!!! AHAHAHHAHA

Don’t worry, it will eventually come. But first I need to get a bunch of replays with the new variants and find the perfect song for the job. Also, no worries about your confusion with the drone cam, I had all the time in the world to play with it during phase 1

This is so cool!!!

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This video looks amazing!

And thats what we call a good editing and mixing, great work man!!

Lmao I heard the “yes” plane is very nice. Nice vid mate!

Wow! Amazing vid! What editor do you use @Alexander_Nikitin?

Thanks! I use Final Cut Pro and some transitions from Pixel Film Studios

Amazing, great quality!