Infinite Flight draining the battery on my Ipad Air 2

Hello Community and especially creators!

First of all I love the sim and I am very pleased with most of the things you have to offer. However, I have a concern. I have noticed that when using Infinite Flight for around 20 minutes on my iPad air 2 my battery is completely drained. The battery on the IPad works ok with any other app and lasts (of course less than when the device was new) but still works at an acceptable rate. I noticed that when using infinite flight for around 20min my battery decreases by around 35% (Very approximate) This could give me around 1 hour of playing time when on other things I am theoretically capable to use it for 4hrs straight without a problem. I am aware that Infinite flight is very different to any other apps but still this batter use is WAY too much. Now, is this because of the app, or is there any setting I could change? I am mainly concerned as this was not the problem in past updates. Any help or feedback is appreciated!

Info: IPad Air 2
IOS: 11.2

I have an iPar Air 2 as well.

  • Dim your screen (Screen Brightness builds up heat and drains the battery more than anything else)

  • Lower the audio

  • Enable low power mode in the in-app settings

  • Chatta noted limit frame rate as well ;)


Also use limit frame rate as it helps

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I also have the air 2 and do occasionally use it for flying. What I do:
(These also with what @Levet said)

  • Lower Graphics
  • Lower live settings (aircraft count, etc)
  • Change To where there is no HUD
  • Have the task bar be turned off after 2 seconds
  • Change day time to night or sunset

Make sure you are using an iPad charger and not an iPhone one. Makes a big difference. Aka plug it in if you don’t


Like Chris said, enabling Low Power mode in the Infinite Flight app settings can make a HUGE difference. It saves a TON of battery. I also suggest charging when leaving your plane flying on AP, so this way the battery wouldn’t drain. I also have an Air 2.

FYI, iPad charger is the fat one. It really makes the difference. You can charge about 2.5 faster with it.

Twice as fast. 10 Watts compared to 5 Watts. I use it for everything now and the 30watts MacBook charger…well then you are just showing off 😂

Really? I thought it was 12W. Either way, we can agree its much faster :)

There is the 29w charger for iPad but is quite expensive.

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