Infinite flight down

I am currently experiencing my infinite flight not loading

Here’s A Photo


Same for me too. Just wait a bit, should be fine.

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Same problem for me!.. Just restart your device and it would work again.

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Hiya! Currently Laura and Cameron are aware, as the connection seems to be coming on and off for everyone (This was reported in the Discord server). Try again in a few minutes, and it might work (it did for me when I did that). Hang on tight!


I’m getting a error code7 for me could anyone help

I’m also facing this issue, btw any solutions?

Me too bro…

Same, only difference is I’m getting error code 7

Same i am getting code 7 and code 8

Still the same down and have tried multiple times

For me it was error code 7, but try rebooting your device.

Anyone who’ve previously experienced issues still having them?


I haven’t renewed my subscription yet but when I go into the app it’s fine.

I’m not seeing which server this may be referring to - or if it’s IF-wide - but I’m on ES just fine

Had this alot its an internet thing I think