Infinite flight doesnt run on HTC HD2

I suggested IF to a friend who has a HTC HD2. When he wants to open IF it stalls and brings him back to his phone main menu. Is this device supported?

Does he have a tablet or a different console?

And by “Stalls” do you mean it crashes or that his plane stalled?

Nope he diesnt. Any mod with help here?

@Laura @david do you have an answer? Sorry for tagging, just a possible new customer …

Ehrm, the HD2 is almost 7 years old… Not sound rude or anything, but are you surprised?

Old and underpowered device. 1.0 GHz Scorpion, GPU Adreno 200, 448 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM. Dont know how you expect IF to run on this.

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This device isn’t and won’t be supported (just to put it into perspective, the device was released a couple of years before the first version of Infinite Flight).

Apart from specs, Windows Mobile 6.5 (the OS it officially runs) has never had a compatible Infinite Flight version compiled for it.

Sorry about that. Your friend should look into getting some new gear someday ;-)