Infinite Flight does not load

Is it possible that IF is currently experiencing any issues?
It takes a while until it starts, then it takes very long until the airplane dots appear und the map and then it does not connect if I choose fly online. If it does, the ATC table takes a while to load aswell. I can not play IF at the time.
Please help me.

I have an iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 11.4.1


I did some ATC and flying a few hours ago and had no issues. This sounds like you have slow connection. Could you please run a speedtest and report your upload/download speed and ping?

Also, have you restarted your device and/or cleared your RAM prior to loading IF?

Feel free to hit me up with a DM should you have any questions.


I made a Speedtest, it says 20 mb/s download.
I also did restart the device and cleared RAM.
Thanks for helping

And the problem pertains? What is your upload and ping?

I reinstalled IF and the problem is solved.
Thank you!