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Here at IFM (Infinite Flight Military) we strive for ceremonial perfection and then best way to achieve this is to have a display team. Our current pilots are more suited to the C-17 or other military aircraft however the A-10 (Our primary aircraft) and the F-22 (Iur secondary aircraft) are unique aircraft and so far we have very few pilots to fly them.

I write this post today to reach out to you and invite you to our team. The Display team isn’t just a quiet group of people practising in the F-22 and A-10. The display team will be very public around Infinite Flight and we will perform at major events such as airshows and FDS organised events.

If you are looking to join, please don’t hesitate to contact me by replying to this post with an email address that I can send some information to.

Please note that we do not accept applicants who don’t have much experience in these aircraft and won’t be commited to the team. If you can’t spend at least 5 hours a week at least talking to us, then we ask you kindly to not sign up until you can give us that.

I look forward to working with a select few of you!

(IFMDT Leader and A-10 Pilot)


My email is
I have experience formation flying with an A-10 and C-17
I am a retired member of IFES

Hello there I’d like to join. is my email I have experience flying the F-22 in formation. I have also been part of an acrobats team on Instagram that had daily training so I have so experience.

I highly suggest not putting your emails on a public forum :)


It’s a side email I have a personal email also.

I thought this was a PM…

@Belfast_spotter @_keithjames99 were you both added yet?

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Ill check on slack, one moment

I don’t think I was added to a PM

I added you both just now. Sorry for my late reply

How many pilots do you have?

Would I be able to see examples of formations via screenshot?

Could you be ready to perform in short notice?

How often can you get the whole team together?

Can you choreograph a very unique and interesting performance?



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