Infinite Flight Discord Server

Couldn’t find anything else to get support for this.
And no moderator in the Discord Server is accessable unless I am friends with them, which is scary, moderators should be easy to contact, not the otherway around.

Anyways, I lost all access to write or even view text chats. I have no idea why, I haven’t broken any rules, I just lost all access, no warning, no notice about why, just really, really weird. Does someone have any sollutions?


Having messages on in Discord is optional for a very good reason, but everyone is fortunately available here.

The reason you lost access is because your subscription has expired and Discord is as mentioned, a subscribers only perk.

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My Infinite Flight subscription?

Yes. It expired 90 minutes ago.

Oh… Ehm… Weird, am I able to finish my flight or am I logged out of the flight?

Let me just renew it now tbh.

Thank you for the help meistro! Preciate it! :)

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