Infinite Flight Discord Rich Presence

Discord Rich Presence

For Infinite Flight

What is Rich Presence?

Rich Presence is basically a way for users on discord to see what game you are playing with extra detail. This could be used in Infinite Flight to show your flight status, aircraft, and callsign.


Above is an example of what Discord Rich Presence could look like with Infinite Flight. It would detect your current state of flight, altitude, route, and time elapsed.

This could be used for people who like to display their route that they are flying. Right now, most people just set their discord status to “Richmond - Orlando in IF”…; however, I think Rich Presence could really enhance displaying your flight status in Discord. I am not entirely sure how difficult this would be to implement, but I think it’d be a really cool feature for the future!

We have looked into this in the past as it would be a great feature. Unfortunately, it’s not supported on mobile natively. Hopefully this changes in the future :)

That said, if you’re on a Samsung Galaxy device, the Galaxy Game Launcher can support limited rich presence for Android games


Like Cameron said, maybe when it’s compatible, it might work

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Like Cameron said, samsung for the win

Or did he say that??

No, I was pointing out that Samsung devices come full of bloatware, just that some of it can be useful sometimes :p


I think this would have to be set up through live flight if it is at all possible with the current version of discord.

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