Infinite flight discord full access problem

Hello my pro ran out a renewed it a few days ago I’m just here to let you know that I haven’t been given full access to the infinite flight discord

Hello! Since you have renewed your subscription, the following instructions should help you get access to the server

  1. Open Infinite Flight

  2. Click on Settings Icon

  3. Click on Account. Then it should show Discord Account.

Correct if I’m wrong but obviously you need a discord account to join the server. In order to join the server and gain pro-user benefits, you will need to join through the app. If that doesn’t work, here is the invite link.

Are you still having issues?

No I have joined the discord before but I just need to relink it

I see. Do you have access now?

What is your discord username?

Try it now

Yes thank you

Awesome glad we can help! Also @RickG thanks for your assistance as well. 🙂

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