Infinite flight difficulty

If something seems easy try something that seems more challenging. There’s always something new to try that’s difficult.

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Compare with say…xplane. infinite flight is just too easy. No fmc, no real engine start up simulation. Those saying it’s difficult and hardcore etc should go fly xplane B737.

If have found landing to be the hardest

My opinion: if there is no realistic damage system implemented, landings are quite too easy to manage,( despite crosswinds). Imagine what would happen if you bounce with an airliner 50ft up and down before coming to an hold. And that’s the point: it is possible atm. Nevertheless complexity is given with ATC on ES and if you try to get IFATC yourself the game releases its real challenge. So in conclusion: not the most realistic sim ever in regards to physics but there is always something new challenging. Up to the pilot / ATC.

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