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Dear infinite flight users , I have got a problem.So the problem is that what I cant connect two devices in one time to IF . For example I’ve got a rudder pedals and joystick they cant work in one time , and yes the devices connected to pc and the game connected to live flight .The device can work if its alone when I connect next one they together started to don’t work . HELP ME . Thamks for an attention )))


Hello, and welcome @EREKEcap7!

According to the thread below, no information regarding using 2 devices is available. It is possible, because I’ve seen people use 2 devices before, but I’m not sure how to actually connect them. Maybe take a look at the link below and see if it helps.

Have you tried plugging in the pedals and joystick in different USB ports in your computer?

@Cameron should be able to help you,

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