Infinite Flight development focus [Poll]

As we are celebrating 1 year of the introduction of the amazing Global update, I think it would be a great time to have a quick poll for the community focused on the development priorities the community would like to see next on their mobiles/tablets. So here it goes:

  • I would love FDS to focus first on things like taxi way lights, clouds, higher res terrain textures, 3D Buildings, aircraft systems, etc
  • I would love to see first more new aircrafts, reworks, etc
  • I am happy with whatever the internal FDS developemnt roadmap is

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Note: there is no intention to put pressure on the developers with this poll, I think it might be useful for them to have a recent insight on what does the community would like to see next on their mobiles regardless of what their development roadmap is.

Happy flying!


This seems like a straightforward poll however I think the features category and the most popular requests kind of show what people want, plus we know the roadmap for the rest of the year pretty much by now so it would be for next year where a lot of Unknown’s lie. I personally am happy with whatever though and trust the developers will do right for the community :)



This poll is set up under the assumption that we can only do one thing at the time, which is not true.
There are multiple developers in the team, as you’re all aware of. These people are working on vastly different things.

Which means;
We could be working on clouds, buildings and the A350 at the same time. Crazy, huh? ;)


I suggest you plit up the second option, as follows:

  • I would love to see first more new aircrafts
  • I prefer re-work of the existing aircrafts

Yes, but pretty sure not being a big development team most of the effort is put on one egg at a time…or maybe I am wrong?

Ok I believe now that comment is going to pasted all over social media …people saying some hints for the next update!
Beware @schyllberg of Insta especially!

Yep, you’re wrong in this case :)


Happy to hear that to be honest!

Well, could do, but the poll its meant to be split into 2 categories which people seem to be more willing as new updates:

  • Planes
  • Sim features
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Well, with the results of the poll so far FDS devs should be pretty pleased as it shows that good percentage (42%) of the community trusts their criteria on upcoming updates. Great news!
As for the remaining two options, more/improved aircraft (28%) or improved sim features (30%), there seems to be a close tie.
I will be closing the poll pretty soon, so if you want to get your vote in, do it asap.
Thanks to everyone that voted!

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OMG OMG New Aircraft Confirmed? 😜😜

Hears Mark cursing violently from thousands of miles away…


you could be , but lets be realistic here

plus most (if not all) mobile devices wouldnt be able to handle rendering a bunch of buildings and clouds


Great, here comes another A350 entitlement storm.


I think it’s safe to say just wait and see what the team has in store. Weren’t we all surprised when we found out that we could fly around the whole globe? On a mobile device! I’m sure they will find a way but it may just take some time. Just remember they are always working on something ;)


I really feel that people are just disappointed with to not see A350, taxi lights or others things they request are seeing in the « Future projects » list of FDS

We may discuss what we would love to have in Infinite Flight but no make polls to show that you guys want completely others things instead of what FDS detailed days ago…

It’s just my opinion, all ideas are great :)

I think Infinite flight should do have a vote and we as a community choose witch airport we want the see with 3-d terminals and then they work on it, and they will keep adding 3-d airports monthly because lets be real. were never gonna have every single airport with 3-d terminals.

They could be doing a rework, and each dev. could be working on them individually, so when a major update happens there might be new/updated planes and airport features

flying around the globe is different from having additional 3d models in the game as well as the tons of particles and effects they would need to add to create clouds - mobile devices just dont have the processing power for all this , especially because the app itself is a RAM hog

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And the community has spoken!
In a considerable change in results since the last poll read, a big percentage (46%) of the voters would like to see improvements on the sim’s overall features rather than seing new planes coming or more reworks (28%).
Of course we all want everything added in the next update, and only FDS knows what they can and cannot give us depending on a big number of factors (time, tech issues, resources, etc…)
This poll was only aimed at knowing what the community would prefer for the devs to prioritize in their development roadmap. That is all. And regardless of what they update next, it is amazing that we have the chance to speak out and express ourselves through polls, features and topics. Because believe it or not, devs are looking and listening to the community.
Thanks everyone who took part in the poll!
Poll will be closed now, and a mod can close this topic too.
Happy flying!