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Wait… What? When? How? Who?

I just created this topic about a player that a Grade 2 pilot was on the Expert Server, In MMMX. I shared that with others and another one confirmed a Grade 1 pilot on the Expert server too. Can I just know what is happening right now. Thank you and hope that it solves. The screenshots are on the topic that i linked in the Beginning. THANK YOU

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I think you should send them a PM. It’s a little faster and more appropriate for this situation.

I think @Emiel_l explained it perfectly:

Bugs like these are expected when you download beta!


Your topic being closed doesn’t mean create a new topic regarding the same exact thing.

Perhaps read through the topic, as Chris instructed.


Im sharing this so everyone can see that

It doesn’t matter if everyone sees it or not.

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Ok, thanks, topic can be closed

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Yes, i´m no on beta

Topic not necessary given you created another topic already.