Infinite Flight Developer Stream

Watch the stream and you’ll find out! It sounds like its going to be pretty sweet. 😱


I can’t rn tho that’s the thing 😂😂😂 wait also HD scenery’s for every country right?


Thank you for the recap!!! It’s amazing btw your really good at making good looking posts , VAs should hire you to make their posts

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But when you have free time you can watch it. 🙂


Great news, thank you for making a summary!


Jason, didn’t expect you to call me out on the webcam comment… Fair play, I deserved that 😂

A serious question for the staff team in particular now… When you go ahead, take the time out of your day to livestream, no matter how long or short, doesn’t it infuriate you watching the comments to see “aDd 3d bUiLDinGs”, “whY iS thErE nO cOncOrDE?” And other 7 year olds constantly screaming at you to do this that and the other. It’s the same with the Instagram posts. It’s almost like people have no appreciation for what you are already doing and have done. Everyone just wants more, and doesn’t care about the middle man.

It’s definitely nice to see that there were no obvious IFC members being those kind of people 💪💪
Patience is a virtue, I’m glad most of us here are blessed with it…

Keep up the good work everyone!


Everyone is in danger of being called out at any time ;)

It used to. We understand that the vast majority of PAYING users are hopeful, excited, gracious, and kind about things, so that helps. A technique I use now is to actually picture someone that young unsupervised on the internet and it turns my reaction from annoyed to concerned. It’s an easier way to move on and ignore.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone!


I didn’t get to watch it yet but I cant wait until I get home so I can watch it!

This is a very exciting roadmap! No matter how long it takes, it contains significant improvements in a feasible order making it worth waiting for it.
Thanks for sharing this information. Sure that the majority of the IFC will be as patient as need, they are just not as loud as the kids. :-)


It was very interesting and exciting to hear what you had to say! Really looking forward to this!
I have a question to @jasonrosewell.
With the terminal buildings, will that be made in WED by Airport Editors it will you and your team add those?

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Our team will be adding those as AFAIK.


Glad to hear y’all are working on clouds Jason.

Keep up the hard work - looking forward to the A350!

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Wait they said. Clouds does this mean Contrails As well?

I guess so! But we will never know.

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