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Hello Infinite Flight Community!

I’m interested in purchasing the mobile app but I had a few questions before I actually buy it.

Was wondering if anyone could tell me what aircrafts are included with the initial purchase and then which ones are In-app purchased, and for how much extra?

I also wanted to get some feedback on the flight controls. I’ve been flying X-Plane 10 (mobile) for the past few years and I was wondering if the flight dynamics were similar to that?

Any information will be helpful as the app description really doesn’t get into much detail…I wish there was some way I could download a trial!


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It’s a far better sim than X-Plane in terms of physics in my opinion, I think you should try it for a few months and see if you like it. You will have snobby planes without paying extra to fly and get used to the app so don’t worry. If you really don’t like the app Apple will always refund you and possible google play.

Once you purchase the app you can fly solo and if you like it then pay for online if you would, like where you can fly with people all over the world.


When you buy the app you don’t every plane. When you but IF Pro (10 EUR every month) you can play online and you can use every airplane.

X-Plane has Live Flight Instruments, IF doesn’t have that. In my opinion, X-Planes has a better scenery… but IF has got Global. In X-Planes you can only use 2 airplanes the other planes cost from $2-$5.

IF is worth every single penny, cent etc.

BTW, if you still don’t know what you want to play. Watch this vid:

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Flight controls are super intuitive! The layout makes it very easy to fly, and with a few [free] additions, you can also use your joystick! A new systems page was just added with the latest release.

Check out the thread below!


Infinite Flight has better physics than Xplane Mobile in my opinion. However, Xplane mobile has live cockpits, working (accurate) systems, and live buttons and switches that you press to control different aspects of the aircraft. For example, the battery and APU. IF does not have these things. Infinite flight does however you better value than X-Plane mobile but only when you buy a Pro subscription. You get all aircraft, access to the entire globe, multiplayer, and ATC


I’m in Southern California and wanted to share this recent photo of what looks like a modded McDonnell Douglas MD-80 fighting what they are calling the “Holy Fire.”

Not great circumstances but a stunning photo nonetheless.


What an absolutely beautiful shot! We’re sending two helicopters that way, see you in Cali real soon!

I’ll chime in here too since I’m obviously a big Infinite Flight fan! I think our main advantages are that you don’t have to fly alone, and you can enjoy full ATC services. Plus with a Pro subscription you also get way more airplanes, and of course, the globe. No, we don’t have live instruments yet, but that’ll come eventually.

We don’t have a trial of our live mode, but you can purchase one month to see if it’s worth it for you. Odds are, it will be.


I’ve found that I’ve needed to tune down IF’s sensitivity quite a bit in regards to the flight controls, which I have not done for XP10. In my eyes, IF provides a much better value if you do plan on buying live+global as it really does give you the whole package on your iPad. The only advantage I’d say X Plane has would be the scenery, as others have already mentioned, but you are restricted to regions in that simulator.

Thanks, everyone for the great feedback. Is this page still correct?:

By “free” they mean it comes included in the initial purchase? If I can fly the A-380 and 747 without having to get a pro subscription, it will already be worth it in my opinion!

Thanks again everyone.

There is many differences between X-Plane and Infinite Flight. One is the interactive cockpit which is what you have on X-Plane but both apps have animated cockpit. Another advantage of IF is the plane detail+the quantity of planes. Also scenery is like 500x better!

Yes you can fly the 747-400 A380 A321 CRJ-200 (released earlier today and the best aircraft made to date) many GA aircraft the 717, 737-700, and so many more aircraft. The five bucks is really worth it.


You get a few aircraft included, including the brand new CRJ-200, it’s incredibly detailed, as most of the aircraft are, you have a few areas you can fly in, but if you pay 10 USD a month you can fly ANYWHERE in the world!! To me, IF is 100 percent worth it! Live also include multiplayer with thousands of people across the world! The community here is also a great perk, with IF Pro, you can sign up for events and fly with others!

Wanted to share that I ended up getting it and after a few months of flying solo and loving it, I recently purchased IFPro. I’m new to the casual server and was wondering if anyone wanted to fly together sometime! Thanks.

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