Infinite Flight Desktop Simulator

As the Flight Simulator industry grows. The demand for flight simulators are growing rapidly. This is forcing the Infinite Flight Developers to quickly release updates, which brings my to the reason I’m making this topic. Infinite Flight is a Mobile Flight simulator for Phones and Tablets. But what if the infinite flight developers could release a big update that allows users to play Infinite Flight on their PC? With Flight Simulator 2020 coming out soon we need to compete! There are (most likely) other topics like this but this one goes more in depth of why we need Infinite Flight on our PCs. Plus, I would also personally like to play IF on a computer.

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Infinite flight PC has been discussed, and actually at great lengths, but as far as I’m aware there are no current plans. That said it seems as though the IF devs are focused on being the best on mobile, since the PC space works very differently in a few crucial ways. Flight sim 2020, is hardly more of a threat than XPlane 11, Aerofly, or the current MSF, IF and it’s developors aren’t in direct competition with these products, and with XPlane Mobile, Aerofly 2019, and others, IF has plenty of other competition to worry about.

This also, no offense, seems like you posted a topic without knowing if it is a duplicate, when you seem to have a good idea it may be, you’ve been around here long enough to know that’s not how this works…

While it is a bit old, this topic has been put to rest by the developers…

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they arent a threat at all to a mobile simulator lol


RFS… although the graphics are trash and the aircraft models are trash too

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Why would IF try to expand into a field that already has so many great flight simulators. You have X-Plane 11, P3D, and Flight Simulator 2020 coming out next year. That’s like having an airline open a route that many other airlines are already operating instead of operating a route with no real competition and great revenue.

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They don’t have plans for this. As it would require much more work, more complex coding. And they would be two separate teams. Which isn’t financially viable from my understanding. The game would be extremely different on PC versus mobile. It just wouldn’t make sense so imo

The appeal of IF is that it’s the best on mobile, if you move it to PC there are many more that are far more customizable and even cheaper in some aspects, but you need a beefy computer to run them. The devs can access the game on their computers but that is just for development reasons and it’s how they got that photo at the IFVARB summit of the hundreds of aircraft.

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