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Hello and welcome to the new Delta Virtual Infite Flight community topic. Here you can apply for, discuss, or ask a question or few about DVA.

Well, due to the new ban on inactive Virtual Airlines, and me not wanting a year of work on this VA to go down the drain, I have decied to re activate DVA way sooner than expected despite of my current personal, and family issues. Well because of that four month or so long period of time we have had most pilots loose hope in this airline. But we’re back I guess! Therefore all pilots that have applied have been accepted and added to the database and are all cleared to fly for us.

Thanks for understanding.

Helpful links: (Official Website) (Facebook Page)

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A VA should be something you should enjoy, not something that you feel you must do, so if you don´t feel like maintaining the VA, PM a mod and ask them to not close yours.


@Swordfish You don’t get it, I do enjoy it. It’s just that me and my family have been going through a long and painful moving process. We have been screwed over on two houses, and we are currenty house hunting everyday which has gave me virtually no time to operate the VA. I guess i’ll try though now. (Even though we will basicly be homeless tomorrow if we can’t even find a rental property for the time being.)

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Hope everything gets better and the infinite flight community shall be here for

Back on topic, do we need an active live subscription to join your VA

Currently you need one to do that, but we do know of many people who want to join without one so we are working on a way for them to join somehow.

Well guys, I have figured out a way to keep DVA active! I would like to announce that at I have hired a new COO, @Rexton ! Now I hope we can become even bigger and better!

I would also like to announce that we will hold our first event in a while! We have not discussed a time and date yet, but it will be soon, I am planing on it to be soon!

Sorry you got removed off of the database!

Are you planning on taking over?

Is this active??

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