Infinite flight debrief 2023

Will there be INFINITE FLIGHT DEBRIEF this year like last year? I’ve been looking forward to this project for a whole year😣


Who knows ? We didn’t get one last year.

( My bad I thought you meant preview …)



Based on the dates IF team has announced the IFD in the past years it is a bit later than usual:

  • IFD 2021: 17.12.2021.
  • IFD 2022: 15.12.2022.

So as you can see it would be a bit later than usual but I’m still hopeful 🤞🏻


Hopefully we do get one! Been looking forward to this one!

like this

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I am looking forward to that too!😍

This date format just confuses me lol

How? It’s the superior date format, the American one confuses me 😅

Nah that one confuses me lol. To me it’s easier reading month, day, year rather than day, month, year. If I used the day, month, year everyday, I’d think it’s the wrong date lol.

How? Day month and year makes much more sense cause the day changes a lot more than the month you know what I mean? lol i dont know

It’s probably just because I’m used to the month/day/year format.

True, and I’m used to day/month/year

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