Infinite Flight Dash 8 Q400 Tutorial (SJC-SFO)

Hey everyone,
I’ve seen several people post with questions about speeds and flap settings for the new Dash 8 Q400.

Here is a video showing the speeds and flap settings from takeoff at SJC to landing at SFO. Notice on approach the very small corrections I’m making and using the throttle to control most of the descent rate without over-pitching of the plane.

Hope this video helps anyone that had any questions about the info. Also listen to FlightCast Episode 17 by @jasonrosewell for more info on the Dash 8.

Enjoy. Post any questions here that you might have.


Hey @Mark_Denton, what load were you at? The video cuts the bottom bar off…

I was set at MAX weight!

30,940 kg (> MTOW)?

Yeah my next video will hopefully be better quality with screen sizing, voiceover, etc.

Why are you flying approach and landing like it’s a low wing aircraft?

What do you mean by “like a low wing aircraft”? Just curious.

Low wing aircraft are aircraft that have wings near the bottom of the fuselage, like the Boeing 737.

I understand that part but I was curious what he meant by the landing was like a low wing aircraft.


I don’t understand you are asking. Please elaborate.

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Smooth approach :). I just hate that moment on touch down when I slightly lift off again. Just kills the fun.


He means why are you landing the dash 8 like a 737 etc

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I am new to this sim. Sorry for the late reply. But if anyone still flies the Q400 I have speed cards for takeoff and landing if anyone wants them.

Also I used to fly the thing in real life so I can pass some gee wiz info.

I would appreciate it.

To closer match RL operational aspects (depending weight/WX/runway etc) what should your initial climb rate, speed and power settings be? The things airlines do to balance pax comfort and maintenance/fuel costs.

Also when flying a q400 and entering the pattern, where is the best place? I’m always finding jets acting like I’m not there and feel like I’m on I-285 in Atlanta filled with a bunch of rude people cutting me off or controllers wanting me to fly much faster than my landing/approach speeds