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Hello community! I just wanted to let you all know that I have opened a new website called Infinite Flights Daily in which I will be publishing either real routes from airlines or routes made by me using SID/STAR charts and airways. All routes are published at 1200Z every day. Be sure to bookmark us and to send photos of your daily flights! :) Also, if you run a VA, I will gladly make flight plans specific to your airline.

Facebook: I don’t have a Facebook account, PM me if you would like to help set this up.
Reddit: (PM me on reddit if you would like to mod.)


you should make a Facebook page!

Not familiar with facebook, but I’ll try. :)

Try also adding the positions of some of the airlines in the airports.

They are on the page. If you want even more detailed maps. I suggest you subscribe to Live Flight Horizons by @carmalonso. :)

great work, have booked marked the page!!

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Thanks, really good!

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Today’s flight is up!

i really like the sound of this!! bookmarked the page good job pal!

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Love it! Daily flights is just what I need!

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Update: Way more views than I thought it would get!

The new flight is up! Sorry for the wait. KPDX - KSEA, requested by @Joshua_Davis!

KSAN-KLAX is up! Requested by Tyler Winston.

Is it inactive now? :/

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His last post was like 3 weeks ago, so probably.


It is certainly not daily.


The page views eventually went down to 0 for a while so I stopped. If global comes out and it is something the community really wants, I will restart it. I still have quite a few ideas of what I could add to it.

Alright it’s for real this time. This will be starting up again and I need a staff. I already have one recruited. We are currently making plans for more routes. My staff positions will be as follows:

  • Technical Advisor, slack scripts, taking care of the website, logging, and some other lesser jobs.
  • Social Media, post to the twitter, Instagram, and update this thread, upload to YouTube, daily commitment…
  • Flight recorders, not a necessary position, but if you want to record some flights and add commentary, I’ll make it official. I’d prefer if you had some editing knowledge.
  • Flight Planners, I need 6. Your job is to create the flights that will be published daily. I will teach you how to do it in your format, so if you know nothing about IFR flight planning, it’s fine.

This is something I’d actually like to do daily, and not something I can do all by myself which I had to do when I started. At the time I was getting up to 30ish daily unique visitors, so I know for a fact that it has potential. DM me if you have an interest in one of these positions, or have a skill you think would help.

If you want some more information then you can check out the website.

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