Infinite Flight Custom Liveries at Nagasaki, Japan

Infinite Flight Liveries at Nagasaki, Japan

I decided to spot planes at Nagasaki for the whole day. ALL of these photos are edited, and the aircraft’s are not in-game…

Facts about Nagasaki Airport:

  • First full-scale airport built above water
  • Concorde came to Nagasaki in 1990
  • Tokyo-Haneda to Nagasaki is the tenth busiest route in Japan

8:50 AM

J-Air 2371 (E190)
Arrived from Osaka-Itami

9:50 AM

Solaseed Air 33 (737-800)
Arrived from Tokyo-Haneda

11:45 AM

All Nippon 1871 (737-800)
Departing to Naha

Second attempt, first attempt here

1:20 PM

China Eastern 520 (A319-100)
Departing to Shanghai

3:05 PM

Skymark 145 (737-800)
Arrived from Kobe

7:15 PM

Hong Kong Express 831 (A320-200)
Departing to Hong Kong

Which photo was the best??

  • J-Air E-190
  • Solaseed Air 737-800
  • All Nippon 737-800
  • China Eastern A319-100
  • Skymark 737-800
  • Hong Kong Express A320-200

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Should I do this again? Please recommend the next airport I should attempt

Previous Edits
-Trying my best to create a new livery in Infinite Flight
-Tried Editing Druk Air A319-100 Approaching into Paro in Bhutan


That E190 and HK Express … ahhh!!!

Tough one would be Air Transat 😂

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The solaseed one is amazing! So was the ANa! I hope they are added to the game :)

You’ve convinced me

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Whoa, at first I thought I had too much coffee and was daydreaming things…

Absolutely amazing photoshops, you now have 1 more internet like.

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Nice edits!

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Those are really smooth edits - well done!

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Very well done!

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Just for fun, try tagging the people you spot!

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Why is the HK express the best one? I thought it was the worst one, the lines on the back of the livery are very poor

If I ever have to, I’ll just do the plainer one…

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Nice job! Keep this up, that ANA looks really clean!

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Ive decided ill try Dhaka next, stay tuned

I think that you should do PANC… great liveries.

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You get thumbs up 👍🏻. These are some stunning edits, they really look like they’re in IF!


So crispy, we need this livery mate!

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That would probably be by third project… or fourth… or fifth

Nice idea tho except i was thinking of also trying out Yangon and some other airport in Canada

I agree, usually liveries are added in a bulk or a rework so… hopefully a 737 rework

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Whitehorse, or Kelowna are some good ones. Not Popular but have great departure scenery!

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ill be sure to check the airports, they seem nice!

How about KPVD?

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