Infinite Flight Crashing

Device: iPad 8th generation
Operating system: IOS 15.4

Recently, my infinite flight has been crashing a lot during long haul flights, weather this is an overnight or one I do during school, the flight always seems to crash at 4hrs 50mins in or something like this. Ive cleared the scenery cache multiple times, i’m running lower than needed requirements for my device, yet every since 22.2, my device keeps crashing at that specific time in the flight. Please let me know if you know what’s going on/what I can do to prevent it.

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Alright, a couple things. Do you have notifications silenced during flight?

It is also possible that your iPad is overheating especially if it is plugged in.

Lastly, your iPad may have problems running the app as it might not have good enough ram.

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Hey there!

There are multiple reasons :

  • Delete it and re-install it?
  • Maybe you could reduce:
  • Your Quality?
  • Render Graphic?
  • Airplane Count?
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Since this doesn’t seem to be a performance issue, it might be something happening mid flight.

Do you have any notifications?
Do you have an alarm that is set for a specific time?

It could also be the screen time feature of the iPad clocked at 5 hours.

It’s a bit hard to tell with the given info but if you could give us some more informations on things like this that could interrupt your flight, I’d be happy to help some more :)


Im noticing the same thing

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