Infinite flight crashing

Device: Oneplus 5
Operating system: Bluestacks?

I downloaded infinite flight on bluestacks, it works normally in the menu but when I got to the “tap screen calibrate to start” I clicked on my screen and then it just kicked me out of the app, I tried to restart bluestacks and reinstall the app but it doesn’t work

Hey there, Bluestacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight, and while it is possible to run the game, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be as smooth of an experience as on a device that is officially supported.

Restarting Bluestacks and reinstalling it won’t have too much of a bearing on how it’ll change the app being run if it’s unsupported.


I see some people can still play I t on bluestacks

Again, reiterating my point above, Bluestacks is not a platform that’s supported officially. That being the case, the performance will vary rather significantly between devices given that there may be plenty of variables that’ll affect the overall performance of Bluestacks.