Infinite Flight Crashing

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know why my Infinite Flight keeps crashing and what could I make to prevent this to happen again.

In this last days (yesterday and today) I tried to make 3 flight of 4-6 hours and all of them ended with the app closing.

My device is an iPad 6th Generation.


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Hey! Sorry to hear that your having issues. Can you please tell us your graphic settings and how much storage you have available.

I have 50+ gb available on my device, I usually use high graphics (rendering quality, 3D object density, rendering resolution and texture quality on high, though I turn them to low on these long flights) and anti aliasing off.

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Does your device happen to overheat during a long haul?

It only heats a little in the descent, not as much as I’ve experienced using other apps

Ok I can think of anything that would result to it, your graphics settings all seem fine for that iPad and you have plenty of storage available. The crashing isn’t due to overheating as well.

Have you tried restarting your device?

I haven’t completely restarted it since before since before yesterday.

But my device has had a lot of lag on IF since 21.1

If it’s experiencing a lot of lag then you should probably reduce your graphic settings. Although looking at the 21.2 device compatibility thread your iPad can run with these settings.

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything else and I don’t want to just throw random guesses out. I don’t recommend reinstalling Infinite Flight unless there are no other options.

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I will restart my device and try another flight tomorrow and see how it goes.

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Try reducing your graphics too, reply here if all goes well or you experience another crash.

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Ok I’ll try I will tell through here how my flight goes after restarting my device and lowering some graphics, thanks for your help.

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