Infinite Flight crashing

Using infinite flight for the first time on an iPhone 6 but it keeps crashing before the flight. Is it because of my phone or I need to reduce some of the the quality and textures?

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Due to you using a older phone I recommend put down the graphics.

The iPhone 6 is a really old phone My iPhone 8 has some performance issues so if i were you i would definitely get a new phone

For reference I use 6sp and my graphic are all in medium with anti aliasing on

Thanks guys, nothing i tried is working

Hey! I have an iPhone 6, I have had these problems before, try deleting and reinstalling the app, if that doesn’t work try a hard reset.

The iphone 6 has a low processing capacity because it is an old device. I recommend to have a better experience in the simulator to put the graphics settings to the minimum.

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Infinite Flight crashes on my note 9 when I change the time of day on the 20.3 version. I cleared the cache and restarted my phone. Didn’t fix the issue. Any suggestions for a fix?